Opening a representative office in China

In June 2020, the Representation of the Reform Support Committee of the President of Russia in China was opened in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China.

Opening a representative office in China

Shenzhen is a large Chinese city located in the south of the country, near the border with Hong Kong. The world sees Shenzhen as an economic miracle. It is called the "city of parks and skyscrapers", as well as China's "Silicon Valley".

The opening of the Representative Office is a continuation of a long-term cooperation plan within the framework of previously signed agreements with Chinese partners. The representative office is located on the territory of the headquarters of the "Global Commodity Trade Exhibition Center" with a total area of 9000 sq.m.

The Global Commodity Purchasing, Exhibition and Trade Center is a national-level project established with the full support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as various ministries and commissions of government oversight departments. This is the integration of state functional systems at all levels, expert research institutions, enterprises and business groups, global business associations and foreign trade organizations. It is a giant exhibition and trade platform for providing online and offline meetings to a large number of manufacturers and consumers, ensuring transactions with environmentally friendly, safe and healthy products.

The presence of a permanent representative office in China will strengthen the promotion of trade and financial cooperation between countries and regions, as well as, thanks to modern trading methods, significantly reduce the cost of trade cycles and ensure the stability of supplies, forming a kind of "green channel" between producers and consumers with the provision of exhibition and marketplaces for product manufacturers, providing consumers with accessibility and convenience. In this way, a new character of economic relations is formed. The establishment of exhibition and trade centers for products plays an important driving role in attracting investment, stimulating demand and expanding employment opportunities.

01.07.2020 17:07