Visit to China

On August 26 - 29, 2019, in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China, an official meeting was held between the leadership of the Moscow Regional Branch of the “Committee for Support of Russian President’s Reforms” and the "State Center for Education and Development of Rural Areas of the PRC", which is a state institution of China of the first category, under the direct supervision of Agricultural Working Group of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

Visit to China

At the initiative of the Committee for Business Communications and Social Programs of the International Public Organization “Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs”, represented by the head Zhanna Morozova, taking into account the agreements reached earlier on strategic partnership and cooperation in the field of agriculture and tourism between the “Committee for Support of Russian President’s Reforms” and the “State Center for Education and development of rural territories of the PRC”, Marat Galimov proposed to his Chinese partners to take part in the Russian international investment project, in the part “Development of the agro-industrial complex, production and sale of agricultural products” and “Tourism”. In support of the trusting business relations that have developed over many years of cooperation, the leadership of the State Center for Education and Rural Development of the PRC confirmed China's interest in investing in agricultural and tourism infrastructure projects in the Russian Federation.



 Another goal of the business meeting in Guangzhou, the largest tourist, industrial, financial and transport center of China, is the development of exchange trade in agricultural products and foodstuffs between the two countries. To develop specific solutions for the supply of products of Russian manufacturers to China, the delegation led by the “Committee for Support of Russian President’s Reforms” included the leaders of the Russian-Spanish company "La Jamoneria" (La Jamoneria), which today is the first Russian manufacturer of traditional Spanish jamon and Iberian meat delicacies, with the highest quality standards and in accordance with the Spanish tradition of meat preparation.



As part of the official meeting, negotiations were held with invited representatives of Chinese commercial structures. As a result of the business dialogue, a common decision was made to implement a joint project for the supply, promotion and sale in China of agricultural products and food products recommended by the “Committee to Support Reforms of the President of Russia”. Chinese partners will provide administrative, informational and other necessary support in going through all the necessary procedures to obtain permission to supply products to the Chinese market, as well as a Chinese distributor company for import-export operations.


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